Forest innovation


Our company is committed to implementing new technologies in the forestry sector, and as such research, development, and innovation are core pillars of Boscalia Technologies LLC.

The forestry sector and its related products, such as wood, cork, resin, etc., are benefitting from all the utilities that new technologies offer us. At Boscalia Technologies LLC we work to develop applications of diverse technologies for the sector to generate environmental, economic, and social benefits.

Among the technologies we work with, we emphasize: near-infrared, satellite remote sensing, drones, GIS, or applications for cell phones.

Innovación Forestal

A project that uses publicly supplied satellite images from the ESA Sentinel 2 to improve forest management. The objective of the project is to identify species of trees and to automate the cartography with GIS by analyzing the different proportional satellite bands in order to generate a simple, economical, and effective forest management tool.

Setapp: Mycological parts

The purpose of the Setapp project is to create computer applications to manufacture the mycological parts and design the necessary supports for distribution to the general population. This is intended to provide tools to managers and harvesters in order to better use the mycological parts.


This project aims to optimize the fauna census by utilizing driverless cars and thermal infrared cameras to detect fauna. The collected information can then be used to develop algorithms to create geographic information systems that automatically count the species.