Our company

Boscalia Technologies LLC is a company created with the vision of applying new technologies to natural resource management to foster economic development in rural environments and to conserve our natural environment and its biodiversity.

Our team has more than 15 years of experience in the different forestry sectors: the environment, planning and managing natural resources, managing seasonal projects, geology, development cooperation, the circular economy, forest certification, and research and development.

We are an innovative, tech-based company committed to the development of our services and processes for forest and environmental management. We focus our services on the use of Big Data, which is produced from public organizations and is accessible to any type of user, as we try to always apply open source technology. We think natural resources should be an opportunity for rural development and community-building between businesses, associations, and residents, and we firmly believe that technology can play a fundamental role in managing and optimizing renewable resources.

Our Services

We offer technology services based in satellite remote sensing, unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), LiDAR sensors (multispectral and thermal), photogrammetry, and applications for geographic information systems (GIS). All our services are focused on environmental and natural resource management, the monitoring and conservation of natural spaces, and the preservation of biodiversity.

Currently, we are supported by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Community of Madrid through the ESA-BIC (Business Incubation Center), where we are developing our SATree project, which will use the public data from the Sentinel-2 satellite to identify and map forest species.

Our Principles

Boscalia Technologies LLC maintains a firm environmental and social commitment. We take environmental measures in all the work we do, including our day-to-day tasks in the offices, with our policies of buying green and responsibly managing our resources and materials. In the same way, we are committed to acting socially responsible both with our services as well as with our employees, applying policies of reconciliation, telecommuting, nondiscrimination policies, and equal salaries.

Our company philosophy has been that of participative and equal teamwork, allowing us to apply our knowledge to technical projects and to grow both professionally and personally.


We have a multidisciplined team comprised of highly-qualified experts with considerable experience in the sector.

You can find our company’s professional profile on Linkedin.

Manuel de Luque Ripoll: Founder and CEO of Boscalia Technologies LLC.

Forest Engineer (Technical University of Madrid). Bachelor thesis (with Honors) and Innovation Award (funded by ESRI).

CEO at the consulting firm GEA Forestal, leading auditor in FSC and PEFC scheams, y Directive Board and Standars Comitee member in FSC Spain

President of the ONG IROKO-Sustainable Forest Development, managing projects in Togo, Ghana and Venezuela.



Sonia Pérez Mazarío: Administrative director in Boscalia Technologies LLC.

Forest Engineer (Technical University of Madrid).

Master’s in Contamination Processes and Defense of the Natural Environment (UPM).

Master’s in International Cooperation (ANCELD).

Formulation and development of FSC Forest Certification projects.



Jesús Trujillo Toro: Técnico SIG.

Forest Engineer (Cordoba University)

University expert, Advanced methods of applied statistics (UNED)

PhD in Geoinformátics SIG programming (Girona University)



Luis de Luque Ripoll: Department director of research and development.

Doctorate in Geological Sciences, Complutense University of Madrid.

Researcher in Universidad de Alcalá de Henares (UAH)



Basilio Rodriguez: SIG and project development expert.

Forest Engineer (Technical University of Madrid).

Expert in identification, writing, development, implementation and evaluation of social and environmental projects.